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The story of migrants is the story of humanity - The Other Hundred Migrants

The Other Hundred is a worldwide initiative to provide a better understanding of the people who make up our world and the lives they lead.

Through an annual series of 100 photo-stories, from 100 countries, spanning all corners of the world, The Other Hundred moves beyond stereotypes to challenge conventional wisdom and introduce readers to the vast majority of people, ideas, places and cultures overlooked by most major media.

Each edition of The Other Hundred project consists of a global photographic competition through which one hundred winning stories from all over the world are selected and published in the photo book. The book includes 8-10 essays by well-known writers, representing different countries and cultures.

Now in it’s third edition (and preparing for a fourth) The Other Hundred is a nonprofit initiative of independent pan-Asian think tank the Global Institute For Tomorrow.

Migrants: The Reality

• 245 million international migrants make up 3% of the world’s population

• 70% are in the global workforce, one third work in high-skilled jobs

• Migrants contribute more in taxes & social contributions than they receive in benefits in OECD Europe, US, Canada and Australia

• 700 million domestic migrants in China and India fuel economic growth, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty.

The Narrative

• Misinformation and negative stereotypes are rife in the ¨post-truth¨ era of news and politics.

• Media imagery presents a superficial and distorted view of the complex issues around migration.

• These issues include social justice, human rights, economics, employment and inequality.

• The current narrative and public discourse is unfortunately marked by fear, xenophobia and apathy.

The Other Hundred Migrants project will start formally in August of this year, with a final publication date of November 2019. The interim period will be used to reach out for photos and stories from all parts of the world. As with previous editions, this project will be looking for sponsors for this non-profit initiative; the idea is to raise the full amount by October 1st, 2018.

If you are interested in The Other Hundred Migrants, please click here for more information about the project. And if you would like to support this initiative, or know others in your network that would appreciate this endeavour, please feel share the details.

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