September 10, 2018

The free-market, limited government development model has been an ecological and social disaster for the developing world. Sustainable and equitable development is only possible with the active involvement of a strong central state that can guide the economy, protect t...

Angel investment and finance have been spreading from Silicon Valley to other parts of the world, including Asia, at an accelerating pace. Yet there have been few attempts to document this phenomenon and examine the hows and whys of startup financing in the region. Ang...

March 15, 2018

Today, global capitalism pervades nearly every nook and cranny of national economies. Some believe resistance is futile. Yet Buchsbaum describes the French government’s surprisingly successful defense of French cultural identity in the face of winner-take-all globaliza...

February 6, 2017

International Bestseller 

Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, envisions a not-too-distant world in which we face a new set of challenges. In Homo Deus, he examines our future with his trademark blend of science, history, p...

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April 21, 2019

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